Limits vs Levels

Our minds are constantly in flux. Ideas fade in and out. Associations are made and forgotten.

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However, there are limits to our mind, perception, conscious awareness.

Between a minimum (blue)

and a maxmium (blue)

we go about our lives.

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But are these limits or are they levels?

What is the nature of the Buddha mind? What is enlightenment?

When you comprehend the unity of everything, when you comprehend that there is no separation, and when you comprehend that a minimum is but a maximum, might your mind then be free to operate at multiple levels?

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The maximum is but the minimum of the next level.

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The "next level" carries the essence of the "previous level".

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This work was conducted in collaboration with Foster Gamble.

Copyright 2002, R.W.Gray & F.Gamble.

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