Problems With The WSM Model


While studying the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) I have found a few problems that need to be resolved. I do not consider these problems unresolvable, but I don't have the answers at the moment. The problems are:

  1. (06-14-2008) I now think I was wrong about the parity being a problem, so I have removed it from the list.

  2. The in-wave passing through or near the Sun is said to slow down (or speed up). Doesn't that mean that it is possible for the in-wave to be slowed down to the point that it is 180° out of phase with the other portion of the particle's in-wave? Is that a problem?

  3. No part of the "out-wave" of any particle can be the (or part of the) "in-wave" of another particle. That is, each particle must stand alone, being both a transmiter and a receiver of its own waves. This means that the "Huygens Principle" (see ) can not be used to explain a particle's in-wave.

    The reason for this is that if (part of) the in-wave is (part of) the out-wave from another particle, along the line between the 2 particles, then there is nothing to add to get a resulting wave amplitude in the space between the 2 particles.

    There is nothing in the wave equation for substituting (part of) one particle's wave for (part of) another particle's wave.

    You can, of course, add the two particle's distinct waves together to get a net wave in the space between the two praticles, but that requires each particle having its own (in-, out-) waves.

    (06-14-2008) I think I can explain the Huygens "problem" symbolically.

    Consider particles A and B. We write
    A = SW-A which is the standing wave for particle A
    B = SW-B which is the standing wave for particle B

    (NOTE: I am only talking about that portion of the waves along the line connecting A and B in all that follows.)


    A = SW-A = IN-W-A + OUT-W-A (in- and out- waves)
    B = SW-B = IN-W-B + OUT-W-B (in- and out- waves)

    I can add the waves to get the net effect in the medium

    A+B = (IN-W-A + OUT-W-A) + (IN-W-B + OUT-W-B)

    No problem. And you need to do this in order to work with the MAP: Sum the waves when B is in position #1, move B a little closer to A (position #2) and sum the waves again. Whichever position produces the minimum overall amplitude in the medium is the prefered position and gives a definition/direction of the Electric Force.

    Anyway, now do this using the Huygens Principle.

    We have the in-wave of B being the out-wave of A and the in-wave of A being the out-wave of B.

    IN-W-B defined to be OUT-W-A
    IN-W-A defined to be OUT-W-B

    Then A+B becomes

    A+B = (OUT-W-B + OUT-W-A) + (OUT-W-A + OUT-W-B)

    But let us not *double count* the *same* wave! So then we have

    A+B = OUT-W-A + OUT-W-B

    But isn't the out-wave of B just the in-wave of A? So then

    A+B = OUT-W-A + IN-W-A = A

    So A+B = A.

    There seems to be a problem here.

    There is no problem, as I mentioned above, if all waves in our accounting are distinct from one another. In- and out- waves of one particle has nothing to do with the in- and out- waves of another particle *except* that they contribute to change the medium between the two particles and thus slowing or speeding up the wave propagation.

    The only problem then is one of "Where do the in-waves come from?" But, hey, if you think about such things, then where do the out-waves come from? From the dynamics of the electron? But then where do the dynamics of the electron come from? And so on..... I think the best we'll be able to do is to simply state or postulate that there *are* in-waves and out-waves and go from there. Not satisfying, but where else can you start from?

If you have answers to (or suggestions for resolving) these problems of the WSM, please let me know.

Of course I may simply missunderstand the WSM model. I'd want to know that as well. Hopefully with details so I can correct my missunderstanding(s).

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