VACE Motor Torque Calculations

Is a VACE Motor Possible?

You can use this web page to calculate the total "relative" torque on a VACE torus due to a single "external" VACE.

The general setup is shown below.

It is assumed that the force between two VACEs follows Ampere's force law.

Using this equation, the forces and torques are tabulated. It is assumed that a VACE is positioned in the torus at each theta increament.

Just fill in the following information and click on the "Calculate" button. Once the table is displayed, click on your web browser's "Back" button to return to this page.

What is the radius of the VACE torus?
(For simplicity, the torus VACE is assumed to have no width.)

How far away is the external VACE to the torus VACE?

What increament do you wish to use for theta?
(180.0 / increament = Number of rows in table.)

What factor do you wish to use for the magnitude of the current elements?
(This is a scale factor used to scale each force calculated.)
(WARNING: Using a value other than 2 makes no sense in terms of the units.)

What power do you wish for the (1/r) factor ?
(Ampere's force equation uses 2, but you can specify a different value.)

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Last updated: 06-17-1999