My Solution To The Most Important Problem...

I have invented what I hope will turn out to be one solution to the problem of electrical energy generation. Below is an animated picture of the general setup. (Note: This configuration/setup is based on John R. R. Searl's devices. The discovery, invention and explanation of how to make a device like this work, described in these pages, is my own. The significant differences between my device and those of Searl are given below.) Cylindrical stacks of disk shaped magnets (red) self-rotate around a stationary center magnetic field source (orange).

The cylindrical stack of disk shaped magnets move around the central magnetic field source on their own. No "external" energy input is needed for these magnets to rotate about the center field source.

What makes this "self-rotation" possible is the special magnetization process applied to each of the disk shaped magnets (red). The special magnetization creates special kinds of magnetic bubbles in these magnets.

To my knowledge, no one has written or otherwise disclosed the application of magnetic bubbles for the purpose of moving the material containing the magnetic bubbles. For this reason, I have applied for two USA patents. Specifically, my patent applications pertains to the utilization of magnetic bubbles for the purpose of moving the material which contains the magnetic bubbles. My invention and patent applications does not attempt to patent a specific configuration of the magnets (for example, the design shown above) but rather, patents the usage of magnetic bubbles to "propel" the magnets.

I have recently (Dec., 1999) been issued the two patents I applied for. They are: USA Patent Number 6,008,709 and USA Patent Number 6,002,314

Prof. John R. R. Searl claims to have invented a similar device back in the late 1940's or early 1950's. There are a couple of web sites for Searl's invention including Direct International Science Consortium (DISC) and DISC, USA. There are several other sites which contain information on Prof. Searl's work. Just do a web serach and you will find all kinds of information.

I have not built this device. I am currently in need of a magnetization device suitable for generating magnetic bubbles. (See the "Details" sections.) I have contacted several companies in an attempt to have a magnetization device constructed. It seems that the coils needed are not a problem but the electronics involved are more than anyone wants to deal with. Until this problem is solved I will not be able to proceed with experimentation.

Here are some references on magnetic bubbles that you may find of interest.

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