Social Sciences Citation Index Entries

The following is a list of citations to R. Buckminster Fuller's books and articles which I have found in the Institute for Scientific Information's Social Sciences Citation Index from 1969 through August, 1991. Book titles are in bold face. Article titles are in quotation marks.

World Game

Nine Chains To The Moon, 1938

The Dymaxion World Of Buckminster Fuller, with R. Marks, 1960

Education Automation, 1962

Untitled Epic Poem On The History Of Industrialization, 1962

Human Trends And Needs, 1963

Ideas And Integrites, 1963

No More Second Hand God, 1963

Inventory Of World Resources, Human Trends And Needs, with John McHale, 1964

"The Prospect For Humanity", Saturday Review, August 29, 1964

"R. Buckminster Fuller", in Conversations On The Arts, compiled by G.C.Wenner, Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Department Of Public Instruction, p. 7, 1966

"Vision 65 Summary Lecture", American Scholar, Vol. 35, p. 206, 1966

"Profile Of The Industrial Revolution Revealed In The Chronological Rate Of Acquisition Of The Elements", Architectural Design, p. 62, February 1967

(Item in Parade, December 3, 1967)

"An Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth", in Environment And Change, ed. W. R. Ewald, pp. 341-392, 1968

"Comprehensive Thinking", in Environment And Change, ed. W. R. Ewald, 1968

"Domed Cities", Think, 1968

Item which mentions R. B. Fuller, "Cities Under Glass", Newsweek, p. 44, Jan.,1968

"The Phantom Captain", in Beyond Left And Right, ed. R Kostelanetz, 1968

"What Is The Purpose Of Man's Life?", Ekistics, Vol. 26, p. 344, 1968

"What Quality Of Environment Do We Want?", Archives Of Environmental Health, Vol. 16 p. 685, 1968

World Design Science Decade:1965-1975, (six documents), with J.McHale, 1968

"World Game: How It Came About", 1968

"Design Strategy", Los Angeles Free Press, Vol. 6, No. 250, p. 14, May 1969, (Reprinted from World Design Science Decade Document 5)

"Horizontal Is To Die Vertical Is To Live", Pace, Vol. 15, No. 8, p. 58, August, 1969

Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth, 1969

Primer Of Universe, (film), 1969

Utopia Or Oblivion, 1969

An introduction to G. Youngblood's book, Expanded Cinema, 1970

Presentations C Worl, 1970

Approaching The Benign Environment, 1970

I Seem To Be A Verb, 1970

The Buckminster Fuller Reader, ed. J. Meller, 1970

"Comprehensive Thinking", in Human Alternatives, ed. R.Kostelanetz, 1971

Buckminster Fuller To Children Of Earth, with C. Smith, 1972

Intuition, 1972

"Now And When", Harper's, April, 1972

"Technology And The Human Environment", in The Futurists, ed. A. Toffler, 1972

"R. Buckminster Fuller: Tetrahedral City, 1966", in Urban Structures For The Future, by J. Dahinden, 1972

Earth Inc., 1973

"'Hyper:' A Concept For An Integrated Physical Education Facility", World, Vol. 64, p. 38, 1973

"The Aging And The Aged", Population Review: Demography of Developing Countries, Vol. 17, No. 1 & 2, Vol. 18, No. 1 & 2, 1974

Radio broadcast, September 1975, KQED

Synergetics, 1975

And It Came To Pass Not To Stay, 1976

Being With Bucky, (cassette tapes), 1976

On Education, 1979

Synergetics 2, 1979

Critical Path, 1980

"Introduction To Discussion, Section 11", in Growth Without Ecodisasters, ed. N. Polunin, 1980

Grunch Of Giants, 1983

Inventions, 1983

The Artifacts Of R. Buckminster Fuller, Vol.1,2,3, and 4, ed. J. Ward, 1984

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