Science Citations Index Entries

The following is a list of citations to R. Buckminster Fuller's books and articles which I have found in the Institute for Scientific Information's Science Citation Index from 1965 through December 1991. Book titles are in bold face. Article titles are in quotation marks.

Private Communication

Item "M", Boston Blue Print Data Archive

The Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller, with R. W. Marks, 1960

"Tensegrity", Portfolio Art News Annual, Vol. 4, p. 112, 1961

Education Automation, 1963

Human Trends and Needs, 1963

Ideas and Integrites, 1963

Inventory of World Resources Human Trends and Needs, with J. McHale, 1963

No More Second Hand God, 1963

World Energy Document, 1963

The Design Initiative, 1964

"The Prospect For Humanity", Saturday Review, August 29, 1964

Comprehensive Thinking, 1965

"Conceptuality Of Fundamental Structures", in Structure In Art And Science, ed. G. Kepes, Vol. 6, p.66, 1965

"Vision 65 Summary Lecture", American Scholar, Vol. 35, p. 206, 1966

Comprehensive Design Strategy, 1967

"An Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth", in Environment And Change, ed. W. R. Ewald, 1968

"Domed Cities", Think, 1968

"Patterns Of Change And Concepts Of The Minnesota Experimental City", paper prepared for the Minnesota City Project, 1968

"What Is The Purpose Of Man's Life?", Ekistics, Vol. 26, p. 344, 1968

"What Quality Of Environment Do We Want?", Archives Of Environmental Health, Vol. 16, p. 685, 1968

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, 1969

Utopia or Oblivion, 1969

I Seem to be a Verb, 1970

Nine Chains to the Moon, 1971

Intuition, 1972

Earth, Inc., 1973

Synergetics, 1975

Synergetics 2, 1979

A quotation to be found in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 15th ed., 1980

Critical Path, 1981

Inventions - The Patented Works of Buckminster Fuller, 1983

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