Errata for Fuller's Synergetics

The following is a list of errors, misprints and, I hope, corrections to Fuller's Synergetics books. Most of these entries were identified by Chris Fearnley and myself back in (about) 1991. But I have added some things since then. If you have other corrections to the Synergetics books please send me an e-mail note and I will add your items to this list.

Ed Applewhite has recently reviewed some notes made by R. Buckminster Fuller w.r.t. corrections to the Synergetics books. Here are these corrections.

From Ed's Files

This errata is for the 3rd printing of Synergetics. The 1st printing contains additional errors corrected in later printings.

Because of the limited mathematical symbol ability of current WWW viewers I have used what I hope are obvious abbreviations when necessary. I use both "**" and "^" symbols for "to the power of".

Corrections to Synergetics:

Corrections to Appendix of Tables

Icosa Table 987.132G

VE Table 987.137D

Combo Table 1132.01D

The paragraph preceeding the table is wrong. "The plane projection of this spherical triangle accords with that shown at Fig. 987.412." There is no plane projection of this spherical triangle in the Synergetics books.

Synergetics 2

Other Errors:

Additional Commentary:

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