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I was not satisfied with other sources for polyhedra data. Mainly because they did not provide exact experssions for the data or the data presented was incomplete and I could not find what I was looking for. So, I decided to calculate my own polyhedra data.

There are inifinetly many orientations and scales (size) for the polyhedra. I present the polyhedra as they occur in the "120 Polyhedron Matrix". See my paper "What's in this polyhedron" for details on this matrix of polyhedra.

The data is also given for the occurrence of the polyhedra in the 5 Octahedron matrix, which I call the "alternate 120 Polyhedron."

All of the subdivisions and combinations of polyhedra used in Fuller's Synergetics books are included. I hope this will make understanding Fuller's Synergetics a little easier.

In addition to the basic polyhedra data, when I come across some interesting info about polyhedra, I'll post it on the following web page: Interesting polyhedra info.

The small animations of the polyhedra take a long time to download. I have therefore split this index page into several web pages. Use the "NEXT" and "PREV" links to go to the other pages.

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Syte: Bite
Syte: Rite
Syte: Lite
Kite: Kate
Kite: Kat
Cubeoctahedron (a.k.a. Vector Equilibrium, a.k.a. VE)
Truncated Cube
Rhombic Dodecahedron

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