Fig. 987.242

Fig. 987.242 Evolution of Duo-Tet Cube and Hourglass Polyhedron:
  1. One positive regular tetrahedron and one negative regular tetrahedron are intersymmetrically arrayed within the common nuclear-vertexed location. Their internal trussing permits their equi-inter- distanced vertexes to define a stable eight-cornered structure, a "cube." The cube is tetravolume-3; as shown here we observe 1 l/2-tetravolumes of "substance" within the eight vertexes and 1 1/2- tetravolumes of complementation domain within the eight vertexes . The overall cubic domain consists of three tetravolumes: one outside-out (1 1/2) and one inside-out (1 1/2). The same star polyhedron appears within a vector equilibrium net at Fig. 1006.32.
  2. Octahedron: tetravolume-4
  3. Icosahedron; tetravolume- 18.51229586
  4. Vector equilibrium: tetravolume-20
  5. Eight-faceted asymmetric Hourglass Polyhedron: tetravolume-l l/2. These complex asymmetric doughnut-cored hexahedra appear within the star polyhedron at A.

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