Java 3D Projects

Java 3D lets you put 3D interactive programs on web pages.

Click here to see if your computer is set up to run Java 3D applets (web applications.) (Note: This example is from Sun Microsystems.) If you don't see a spinnng cube on this web page, you will need to install Java 3D and related programs (all free.)

See the instructions below for installing Java 3D.

Current Projects

Interactive 3D program to explore Lynnclaire Dennis' 120 Polyhedron and other associated polyhedra.

Interactive 3D program to explore R. Buckminster Fuller's "Cosmic Hierarchy" of nested polyhedra.

I have discovered that the regular Dodecrahedron has "vortex faces"! (And that there are 3 ways to "rationalize" 5-fold polyhedra with the 2-3-4-6 fold polyhedra.) Click here for an detailed explaination and an interactive Java 3D applet which I used to show the polyhedra relations.

An interactive Nuclear Display Computer Program (NDCP): I have started to write a computer program to interactively display the nuclei as interpreted in various nuclear models. Most notably, the FCC model of Dr. Norman D. Cook. This program is planned to be a Java 3D version of Dr. Cook's program.

Installing Java 3D

Click here for a detailed description of installing Java 3D.

Unfortunately, Java 3D does not run on all platforms. But Java 3D is still pretty "young" and the number of platforms it can run on will increase over time.

In particular, it is my understanding that Java 3D is not available at this time on Apple computers.

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