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This company was started in order to continue the development work on Jay Baldwin's "Pillow Dome" concept as well as other structural systems. I am currently providing components for building "pillow" domes.

Pillow domes, invented by Jay Baldwin, are tube framed domes covered by clear "air" pillows. Because the material used does not yellow or otherwise turn cloudy in prolonged direct sunlight, it will stay clear for many (over 10) years. And since the material does not "out gas", there is no ugly chemical smell (unlike some vinyl material.) What you have is a clear enclosure which allows you to enjoy the view of the environment all around you.

Pillow domes would be ideal for covers to Living MachinesTM, if the investment for sustainable dome prototyping and development could be raised.

Once sufficiently developed, Pillow domes may also be used for retreats, observation posts, enclosed gazebos, green houses, pool enclosures, and other protective cover applications.

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