Products and Costs

The "air" pillows for your tube frame pillow dome may be purchased separately from the tube frame.

There are 2 types of pillows. This refers to the number and thickness of the layers of film used to fabricate the pillows. (I can make other types of pillows if you desire.)

Type Outer Thickness
Middle Thickness
Inner Thickness
1 0.1270 / 0.005 0.0508 / 0.002 0.1270 / 0.005
2 0.1270 / 0.005 0.0508 / 0.002 0.0508 / 0.002

The thinner inner layer used in type 2 may be used if you know that it will not be bumped or poked at by objects or people inside the dome.

The cost for a 4.5 foot edge pillow of

type 1 is $90.00 (U.S. dollars)
type 2 is $80.00 (U.S. dollars)

This should give you some idea of the costs for your pillows. Minor variations in the edge length of the pillows (+- 1 foot) will only change the cost of a pillow by approximately +- $10.

Because they are currently made to order, by hand, there is no price variation with the quantity ordered.

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