Notes to Fuller's World Maps

Because of the amount of information I have accumulated on Fuller's world maps, particularly the icosahedron based map, I have divide the information into many different parts. But first, here is an example of Fuller's Icosahedron based world map (sometime refereed to as the Dymaxion(TM) map.)

The word Dymaxion and the Fuller Projection Dymaxion(TM) Map design are trademarks of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, Santa Barbara, California, (c) 1938, 1967 & 1992. All rights reserved. You can contact the BFI at BFI@AOL.COM.

I have published 2 papers on Fuller's maps. The references are:

  1. Gray, Robert W., Fuller's DymaxionTM Map, Cartography and Geographic Information Systems, 21(4): 243-246, 1994.

  2. Gray, Robert W., Exact Transformation Equations For Fuller's World Map, Cartographica, 32(3): 17-25, 1995.

Here is a list of various information on Fuller's map from which to choose.

General info about Fuller's map

Different apprpaches to the transformation problem

Area distortion of the map

Coordinates for icoashedron the orientation

C language source code for Longitude-Latitude to xy-coordinate transformation

Visual comparison of Fuller's map to the Gnomonic and Snyder's equal area projections.

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